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Safe, Newgrounds.

2008-09-10 08:52:15 by Mr-T

I felt bad that my profile had to keep reminding me to make a news post so I decided that I might as well go ahead and post my first one.

Well, what can I say? I'm 17, UK-based music production student. My main styles are house and electro but I sometimes drift into hip/trip-hop and breakbeat when I feel like producing something with a bit more vibe to it.

I'll be releasing most of my work here on Newgrounds for use in flash submissions or just for general browsing and downloading. Let me know if you want any alterations made to my tracks for creative purposes and i'll be happy to oblige.

Until then, have a listen to some of my stuff and by all means, add me to your artist list if you enjoy it.

Signing out,
LampEight (Mr-T)



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2008-09-10 10:01:47

lol done added to favourites =) sounds pretty good matey, keep on the house side of the scale lol, if you want vibe do what sneakysoundsystem have done n add ur own cool electro sound =) i'll check you out when i need some sounds for a animation or suming yeah =) goodluck to ya

Mr-T responds:

Wow, comments already! Thanks for the feedback and i'll be sure to keep this news feed up to date with all my submissions.


2008-09-14 04:05:21

I like your work dude, and since you added me as a favorite artist, I shall do the same.

DJ Powder (OSG)

(Updated ) Mr-T responds:

Cheers, man. Nah, I really like your stuff so keep in touch if you get any new tracks up.


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